1. I needed this today.
    17 Apr, 2019
    I needed this today.
    Personal warning!!!   A friend reminded me today that I am often too hard on myself. Her words were “I really wish you were kinder to yourself.  You really need to treat yourself as well as you treat other people. You are an awesome woman. One of the nicest people I’ve ever met.” Her calling me out was a wake-up call.  I am often unforgiving to myself and am bummed when I don’t meet the expectations I have set for myself.  Realizing this now I can work on it and to kick it off right away I
  2. "Essential Sparkle"
    11 Nov, 2018
    "Essential Sparkle"
    What is in a name?? Essential Sparkle came about first from playing with words. Essential represents by my passion for Essential oils and Sparkle for my love of things that glitter like pretty rocks and Aromatherapy Jewelry (which go great with essential oils.)  However, once I started saying that combo in my head I started to think a little deeper. “Essential” - necessary and extremely important. “Sparkle” - shine brightly and be vivacious. The “Sparkle” to me started to represent life. Life
  3. Starting the "Essential" Blog
    11 Oct, 2018
    Starting the "Essential" Blog
    Hi all!!  I keep getting asked to start a blog and honestly, I don't know much about blogging for business and my personal blog has always been a bit random.  What should my blog be about here?  Well.....let's see.  I should tell you a bit about myself, why I created the essential sparkle and share a bit about my plans for the future.  I am Andréa and a lot of people call me dréa.  I live with my husband, 3-year-old son, dog, cat, bird, and fish.  Yes, we like pets (and plants.)  We live in