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How I Started
My love and passion for essential oils started in 1995 and has grown over the years into something I would like to share with others.  Every year there are an increasing number of oil companies in the world and selecting good ones can be a daunting task.  Around 2010 (maybe a little before) I was introduced to dōTERRA and began to purchase their oils here and there, always happy with their quality but was also using other brands.  In 2016 my Aunt reintroduced me to dōTERRA, taught me about the company and educated me on WHY dōTERRA oils were some of the best.  Of course, I couldn't just take her word for it and had to complete my own review and research.  After completing my own version of "due diligence” I started comparing the oils to other brands in my own collection and realized dōTERRA’s quality was superb. 

In 2017 completed a Holistic Health Coach program for the betterment of my family’s health and learned how I can compliment the use of dōTERRA oils with more holistic ways of living and it became my new passion to share with others how they can live a little more naturally.

Instead of reaching for the nearest over the counter items to treat whatever your ailment is, imagine treating your body with good nutrition, proper supplements and natural ways of living.  Our bodies recognize plants as nourishment and food, and guess what??  Essential oils come from plants!  I would love to share with the world how they can be proactive in their own health care and help live a better life.  Yes, there are days when you need your doctor, but you can do so much for your own health and the health of your family. 

If you know you are ready and want to get started with your own oils please continue reading below on how you can order.  If you still want to learn more about the amazing benefits of dōTERRA and why they are simply the best please reach out to me, as I am here for you. 
Ways to Order ​​​
Retail:  Purchase products at full retail price. 

Wholesale:  Save 25% off the retail price and earn up to 30% back to spend on whatever you would like. (As a Wholesale customer you never have to sell anything.)

Wellness Advocate:  Save 25% off the retail price and earn up to 30% back to spend on whatever you would like, PLUS have the opportunity to earn additional income.  (As a Wellness Advocate, you set your own goals and the amount you want to earn!) 

Are you ready to have your own account, start saving off retails prices, and earn free oils? 

OPTION 1: Purchase a qualifying enrollment kit which includes a wholesale membership and is even a greater discount from the wholesale prices when bought individually. 

OPTION 2: Purchase the $35 membership on its own and build your own collection. 

BOTH:  Memberships have no monthly required purchases but there is an optional loyalty rewards program where you can earn between 10%-30% back in free product credit as well as qualify you for the free product of the month.   You will also be invited to join our private oil groups for support and have access to webinars to learn as much as you would like about the oils. 

 If you need help please reach out to me, as I am more than happy to help you walk through it all the steps. My sponsor ID is 3844777 should it not auto-populate during the process.  You will get an email with your login info and you can log in right away to manage your orders and account.  You will receive a welcome email from me within 48 hours where I will introduce myself to you and find out what questions you might have.  Please feel free to contact me before that if you need to.  

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